Turning 50 ...51!

There, it's out in the open, I'm 50 (whoops…51) and still determined to make it in the music industry! I've been pretty low profile on both those subjects the last little while.  It’s actually been about 10 years since my last disc as a leader and about a year since I turned…50.

Now I have been busy in my 40’s.  I’ve been very involved with my family and I’m also a high school music teacher, a very demanding job that I adore.  Sharing my passion for music with young people and giving them the chance to be on stage and perform, is truly a great situation. 

I also play in some great music ensembles here in Quebec City: Sax-o-matic, The Dudes of Swing, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (sometimes referred to as the Dave Parker Group), The Groove Music Project, the Trio David Parker, and a smattering of other jazz ensembles are the most active groups these days.  There are also the corporate events as a duo, trio (leader or sideman) that help round out the monthly payments.

So, why stir things up again with a new project?  Basically, musicians are driven to adventure. (at least most of the ones I know).  This is one of the main reasons why I was drawn to music and the life that goes along with it.  Hopefully, through this blog, I’ll be able to give you some insight as to what goes on inside an artist’s head, (I might be  setting too high a goal already, but who cares, it’s part of the adventure!)

Musically yours,



photo - Alain Baril