Songwriting has always been a big part of my musical life.  I can remember (there's actually a cassette tape) of being 13 and singing my new song "Bullfrog" (a very silly song) with Mike Murley and Greg Simm.*  As life went on, I always tried to contribute to any band I played in with some original material that I would compose to fit the particular project.  Of course, most of my success has been with The Shuffle Demons ("Spadina Bus" and "Out of my House Roach") however, I'm just as proud of all my tunes and also that I seam to be able to cross genres of music without too much difficulty.

Some of this music is very serious while other songs were written to tell a story or to have a good laugh.  Music is a very personal experience, I'm just happy to share.


*These were during the formative years of Thud.  A BTO cover band made up of myself, Mike, Greg and Mike Swinamer.  They would later give me the boot (when my voice changed) and become "Country Fudge" (featuring Tina Mumford and Jeff Bezanson).  It was probably my first experience in dealing with extreme jealousy.  Looking back, it might have been what drove me to becoming a professional musician.  (This marvelous reflection just came to me, 35 years after the fact!)