Call the Dudes of Swing

The Dudes of Swing
Words and music by David Parker


This song was written in the Spring of 2012 while I was doing exam surveillance at the high school where I teach.  (Three hours of silence is precious).  My swing band "The Dudes of Swing" needed a fourth song for our EP and this is what I came up with.  It's a silly song about how the Dudes rescue a few people that are challenged somewhat with coordination and then save a dance that didn't have a live band.




The Dudes of Swing (Theme)


Gonna tell you bout’ a band with bone & sax

Ain’t your kinda band if you wanna relax

Cause those guitar riffs have everybody talkin’

And when the drums get pounding and the bass starts walkin’

It’ll make you want to dance, and maybe want to sing

The name of the band is the “Dudes of Swing”


The Dudes of Swing

Yeah the Dudes of Swing

If you’re looking for a band so you can your thing

Just give a call to the “Dudes of Swing”


I once knew a guy, he had two left feet

Wanted to dance but he couldn’t keep the beat

When the Dudes came on stage, he started a swayin’

To those swingin’ grooves that the Dudes were playing

He was up on the floor and doin’ his thing

He was getting’ down to the “Dudes of Swing”


There was this crazy gal that was feeling down

Cause she couldn’t find a band that had the right sound

At last she found a band that put her in the mood

That swingin’ jazz band that they called the Dudes

She was up on the dance floor shakin’ her bling

She was getting’ down to the “Dudes of Swing”


Just the other night, I was out to a dance

There was a DJ there so I was takin’ a chance

Everybody on the dance floor lookin’ to jive

But it ain’t a real party if the band ain’t live

Call the “Dudes of Swing”, Yeah the “Dudes of Swing”

If you’re looking for a band so you can your thing

Just give a call to the “Dudes of Swing”

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