Hockey, Jazz and Songwriting 

Six Great Jazz Musicians, Their Hockey Equivalents and the Music That They Might Have Made Together for the Hockey Night in Canada Song Quest Competition! 


I’ve always believed in a strong correlation between ice hockey and jazz music.  There is a combination of creativity(improvisation), fiery technique, speed of execution and shear beauty that is shared by the two disciplines.  The following is my list of six great jazz musicians, their corresponding counterpart (equivalent) in hockey, and the piece…

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Fall 2012 

Hi everyone,

Hope you've had a great summer.  I had a wonderful summer that was a good mix of family, music and home renovations.  The basement renovation project that I’d predicted could be done in a weekend, stretched a whole summer.  I do feel blessed to have such a healthy imagination.  Others, (my wife for example) might disagree.

I just want to let you know what I’ve been working on…in the music world, and what’s on the horizon this Fall. 

We've been working on the soon-to-be released EP "Shake…

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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 

I got to play the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland last month!   Actually, I took my students there on a music trip and they let me sit in on a couple tunes.  Cross that one off the bucket list!  Good press material none the less.

For those of you who enjoy traveling with teenagers, it's a great destination.  We had a fantastic trip, playing the Jazzfest des jeunes de Québec in Montréal and a couple of schools in Toronto and St. Catherines.  We also heard some great music, "Drum Play" in Cleveland…

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Turning 50 ...51! 

There, it's out in the open, I'm 50 (whoops…51) and still determined to make it in the music industry! I've been pretty low profile on both those subjects the last little while.  It’s actually been about 10 years since my last disc as a leader and about a year since I turned…50.

Now I have been busy in my 40’s.  I’ve been very involved with my family and I’m also a high school music teacher, a very demanding job that I adore.  Sharing my passion for music with young people and giving them the chance…

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"2012" is a series of blog entries that will follow my musical career through 2012 and try to explain some of my experiences.  It's been very exciting so far with the release of "Hockey Was Invented by a Nova Scotian".  Will the excitement continue or will it melt away with the snow and ice? 

Video for Hockey Was Invented by a Nova Scotian 

Hi folks,

I hope everyone has been enjoying their Winter!  I had an amazing time at the Long Pond Classic down in Windsor, Nova Scotia a couple of weeks ago.  What a fantastic event!  I got to catch up with a lot of old friends and of course play hockey with Terry O’Reilly. (former Boston Bruin!)

If you haven’t seen it, there is a video for “Hockey Was Invented by a Nova Scotian” on my web site at  Actually it’s a slide show that I put together with iMovie.  It uses still photos but often…

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CBC interviews 

Things are rolling along for "Hockey Was Invented by a Nova Scotian".  Had two interviews today. The first was with CBC Radio in Quebec City on the show Breakaway (Jackie is great).  It should be posted on their facebook soon at  Had another interview with CBC Home Run in Montreal.  They seam a little defensive about the fact that Hockey Was Invented by a Nova Scotian!

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