Here's a review of the "Hockey Was Invented by a Nova Scotian" show in Halifax, November 26th, 2015.” - Jordan Dickie

Windsor native composes an ode to hockey January 30, 2012 - 4:34am By GLEN PARKER          Musician David Parker composed and released a song called Hock­ey Was Invented by a Nova Scotian. David Parker is singing the hockey history of his hometown to all who will listen. The Windsor native, who now lives and teaches music in Quebec City, recently put the story of the origins of hockey into a song called Hockey Was Invented by a Nova Scotian. I’d heard from a friend last May that there was a hockey heritage committee and that they were discussing ways of promoting Windsor’s claim as hockey’s birthplace," Parker said Thursday in an email. I guess it sparked something because while driving back to my home in Quebec City the next day, I basically scribbled out the song between Moncton and Riviere-du-Loup. Almost as unique as the lyrics and music was the manner in which the song was recorded. Parker recruited some musician friends, living in various parts of Canada, including his high school music teacher. A piano track came from Windsor, the bass track and backing vocal came from Toronto, electric guitar from Dartmouth and a drum track from a Quebec City suburb. Most of the project was done on a computer program called Garageband. I simply put in a drum loop, played the bass line on piano and added piano and vocal one day between classes at school," Parker said. He then sent it off to the other musicians for their contributions. After I got all the tracks back, I did the initial mix then took it to a more professional studio for the final mixing and mastering process," he said. I really don’t know where this thing is going to go. It’s a total coincidence that Windsor is putting on the Long Pond Heritage Classic at the same time as the song is released. I love it. Parker is a busy jazz saxophone player and composer. He said he is as proud of this song as any of his other original songs. It touches on my roots, old friends, culture, history and the game of hockey of which I am a very passionate fan," he said. Hockey Was Invented by a Nova Scotian has been released only in digital format. Parker hopes to be in Windsor in February for the Heritage Classic and even hopes to play in the game. Born and raised in Windsor, Parker left in the early 1980s to follow musical pursuits in Toronto and Montreal with various bands including The Shuffle Demons, Jig’s Up!, Trio David Parker and Sax-o-Matic. He still plays hockey every Thursday night. The Long Pond Heritage Classic, a celebrity-filled hockey fundraiser, will take place on Feb. 11 on Long Pond in Windsor. So far, 60 players of varying abilities have signed up leaving about a dozen openings to fill. There is no charge to come out and cheer on the teams. To learn more about this unique event or to hear Hockey Was Invented by a Nova Scotian, visit ( ” - Glen Parker

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