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Jig’s Up! was formed in 1994 by a few friends that were looking to play some roots-oriented music.  Their first album "Gettin' Back to the Roots" (1996) features original compositions by Dave Parker (ex-Shuffle Demon), his brother Earle Parker and John Powers.

Much of their music is about characters and places throughout the great country of Canada from Newfoundland, (“Down From the Hills”), across the Prairies, (“Leo’s Hooch”), to the Yukon, (“Yukon Girl”).  The music has been described as “celtic-western” “funkin’ bumpkin”, “twisted country” and “east-coast music with a dash of prairie seasoning”.

The most recent formation of Jig's Up! is a more electrified version.  In addition to original members Dave Parker and Andy Stewart, the band has added veteran Quebec City musicians Yvan Fortin (guitar/mandolyn) and Dan Godro (keyboards/bass).  This instrumentation bodes well for their adventures into other styles of music (blues and rock). 

Despite being relatively inactive over the past 10 years (a few house parties and a yearly reunion gig) the band got together in the Fall of 2013 to record "Just Above the Planet Earth"Harold Boivin was added on bass.  It's a song about how hockey is a skate blade above all other sports!  The CBC wants a song that rocks, Jig's Up! rocks!



La musique de Jig’s Up! est bassée sur le “folklore traditionnel” et la musique “country”.  Il y a aussi une forte influence venant des expériences variées des members du groupe, un mélange des anglophones et francophones demeurant dans le coeur du Canada francais.

 Les compositions sont aussi originales que le son de Jig’s Up! lui meme  qui couvre le pays du Yukon à Terre-Neuve.  Toutes le chansons racontent une histoire, que ce soit à propos du “bagosse” sur les prairies, “Leo’s Hooch” ou le “hors-la-loi” Clyde qui s’est caché dans les côtes du Rawdon en Nouvelle Ecosse.  La musique du Jig’s Up! ressemble à du “celtique-western”, “musique de grange”, “hillbilly” et “la musique des maritimes avec une teinte des praires”.  Peut-etre la meilleure façon de décrire l’expérience Jigs Up! est qu’il donne le gout de danser!



David Parker – vocals, saxophone, penny whistle

Yvan Fortin – guitar, mandolin

Dan Godro – organ, bass

Andy Stewart – drums


Press quotes:


“This band is a gem in any setting”  - Jill Walker (CBC)

“A cool new entry to the trad/fusion lexicon” – Sandy MacDonald (The Daily News, Halifax)

“Grungy Barn Music” – The Country Music News

“A real shoe-shakin’, toe-tappin’, boot-stompin’, leg-wigglin’, hip-giratin’, arm-swingin’, head-bobbin’, and beer-swiggin’ show!” – unknown fan


Musiciens en ce moment :


David Parker – voix, saxophone, penny whistle

Yvan Fortin – guitare, mandolin

Dan Godro – orgue, basse

Andy Stewart – batteries



 “Musique de…grange” – Gaetan Jobin (ancien member du groupe)

“Un rendrz-vous incontournable avec le plaisir et la joie de vivre!” – Catherine Juneau (Impact Campus)

“13 pieces qui vous donnent des fourmis dans les jambes” - ???





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